Piano Lessons

What a wonderful way to participate in the enjoyment that music brings us in everyday lives with piano lessons!

Piano Voice Lessons And Beyond strives to make positive and memorable piano lessons experiences for children, their families and adult students.

Children as young as 3 ½ learn to play piano at Piano Voice Lessons And Beyond and continue with piano lessons all the way to adulthood and beyond.

We help children and students to experience the incredible beauty of the piano music, and their own voice at the same time.

Piano lessons provide an invaluable sense of achievement and accomplishment which boosts self- esteem and confidence.

Learning to read music by playing piano helps children to become better readers in language. Piano lessons improve concentration, reasoning and hand eye coordination.

Piano lessons keep the mind active and body healthy. Playing piano helps with memory development as students learn to play new pieces and memorize them.

Furthermore, learning to play piano is therapeutic.